Pink meat

With regards to the communication formula, the following naming and pay-off are to be used:

EAT&THINK PINK – Say yes to the Best, Eat European Pig Meat!

In which the naming wants to focus in a creative and captivating way on the color of pork, in terms of both nourishment and “way of thinking”; the pay off completes and specifies the naming emphasizing the European origin as a guarantee of quality.

As a main message, therefore, we will communicate the quality of pork and European pork products, in terms of food safety, traceability (guaranteed by a controlled supply chain), labeling and nutritional and health aspects.

Alongside this main message, we will also communicate the specificity of pigmeat production methods, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the intrinsic characteristics of pork-based products (especially in terms of quality, taste, diversity and tradition).